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Cremation Beads


If you are looking for where to buy cremation beads wholesale you have come to the right place.  Life Cycle Urns offer a range of unique ash cremation beads styles. The cremation beads have created to fit on charm bracelets including Pandora and Troll.  Choose from our exclusive selection of cremation bead styles, created to reflect the perfect memorial story.


The cremation beads have an internal chamber for holding a small amount of cremation ashes.

Designed to last the test of time. Each piece of cremation jewellery is made by hand and crafted with love. Life Cycle Urns offer cremation beads made from in Solid 925 silver and solid 14ct gold.


Cremation beads can be used to hold any kind of keepsake. Keepsake ideas include a lock of hair, sand or soil or dried flowers from a special location. The beauty of cremation beads is that you can keep the ashes of your loved one close to you at all times and no one has to know that the bead has anything inside of it.


The ash is loaded directly inside the cremation bead itself to securely lock away a few grains of ash as a piece of keepsake jewellery. There are no parts that dangle from the charm bracelet so there is no risk of losing the cremation bead.

The cremation bead that we offer can be worn in the shower as the closure can be permanently closed over by a jeweller.

Life Cycle Urns products are available in Australia, USA, Canada, NZ, Singapore and the UK. For more information on cremation beads please contact us


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